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Wheel Arch Package

From £200

The car is jacked up and wheels removed. Wheels are then deep cleaned and decontaminated, inside and out, with all tar spots and other residue removed

Wheel arches are deep cleaned and decontaminated (and hoovered if carpeted)

Springs and calipers are then attended to with all also steam cleaned to ensure stubborn and hidden dirt is removed

The wheels and wheel arches are then sealed and protected

This is the ideal preparation for a ceramic wheel coating upgrade where calipers would also be coated

Interior Deep Clean

From £150

Rubbish is cleared from the car and all accesible areas are thoroughly brushed and hoovered

All surfaces are deep cleaned and stains are spot cleaned using a combination of techniques and solutions

All possible fabric surfaces are steam cleaned and wet vacuumed to ensure deep, ingrained dirt is extracted

The dashboard and controls are cleaned with an appropriate interior cleaner using a combination of brushes and microfibres

All plastic surfaces are protected with an interior detailing spray

Engine Bay Detail

From £120

(ceramic protection upgrade from £60)

All sensitive and electrical componenets are safely protected prior to cleaning

The entirity of the engine bay is degreased and steam cleaned to lift all dirt, even in those hard to reach areas before all plastics are dressed

Don't worry - the pressure washer is kept well away!

Convertible Soft Top Detail & Protection


Fabric is spot cleaned to remove stain and then deep cleaned to ensure a dirt free, unstained surface

The rear plastic screen is then protected and taped up and the whole of the car and glass is then draped in plastic and taped up to protect it from the fabric sealant

Layers of protective, fabric sealant is then applied to entirity of the exterior of the soft top, creating a hydrophobic barrier. This ensures water easily repels off the surface and isn't as easily absorbed, helping protect from future staining, damage and discolouration from the elements

Headlight before & after.jpg

Headlight Restoration

From £35 per lamp

A frequent cause for MOT failures and just spoiling the look of your car

The plastic surface can often go faded and cloudy as UV light disintegrates the protective layer


Rather than spending money and hassle replacing them, we are able to refinish and protect them to give an 'as good as new' finish

Detailing Packages

Deep Clean

Deep cleanse

New Car

Right from the start



Paint Correction

A new lease of life


Creme de la creme
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