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Deep Clean Package

1-2 Days

Small £250

Medium £300

Large £375

4x4 £400

Suited to the daily workhorse that needs a deep clean, decontamination and protection to look presentable for all those trips back and forth or for a car that just requires a thorough wash. This is the perfect package to get your car looking fresh for the summer or to prepare for the harsh winter ahead!



  • Alloy wheels (including tyres walls, inner rims and calipers) are cleaned. Wheel faces are completely removed of all fallout and tar.

  • Wheel arches flushed and door shuts cleaned

  • The vehicle is rinsed and snow-foamed to gently loosen dirt & debris

  • Extensive, multi-stage wash takes place using pH neutral shampoo

  • Tar spots treated and iron/metallic contaminants chemically removed

  • Clay bar treatment removes any remaining contaminants to leave a smooth finish

  • Vehicle is washed once more and dried with a plush microfibre towel – excess/trapped water blown out with compressed air

  • Paintwork is then cleansed with isopropyl alcohol to prepare for protection

  • Synthetic sealant / Carnauba wax applied

  • Glass cleaned inside and out

  • Angelwax H2GO applied to front windscreen

  • Plastic trim is protected and tyre walls dressed

  • Interior given a light hoover, floor mats removed and cleaned

  • Interior dashboard, controls and door cars lightly cleaned

  • Air freshener

  • Final exterior inspection




  • Ceramic Paint Coating (various systems ranging from 1 - 5 years)

  • Ceramic wheel protection offering 18+ months protection (requires Wheels Off Package)

  • GlassParencyTM Coating (windscreen/all external glass) offering 3-years protection including a 3-year warranty



  • Interior full detail inc. steaming and wet vac (seat removal at extra cost)

  • Fabric / Leather hydrophobic protection

  • Air conditioning anti-bacterial treatment

  • Wheels Off Package

  • Engine bay detail

  • Convertible soft top detail and protection

  • Headlight Restoration

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