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2-3 Days

From £450

If your vehicle has been well looked after, previously detailed or is relatively new then a light, single-stage machine polish would be sufficient in restoring a glossy finish.


This method will remove light scratches and marring caused from general exposure to the elements and improper washing techniques - the perfect solution to those working to a budget or just looking for an improved finish.



  • The exact same process as the Deep Clean Package is undertaken on the exterior and interior

  • All plastic and rubber trim is taped up for its protection

  • A small area of the paintwork is tested to find the optimum combination of pad and compound to produce an enhanced finish in one step

  • The chosen combination is then applied across the paintwork to give a more refined finish and deeper gloss.

  • Paintwork is then cleansed with isopropyl alcohol to prepare for protection

  • Synthetic sealant and/or carnauba wax applied

  • The final stages of the Deep Clean Package are then applied




  • Ceramic Paint Coating (various systems ranging from 1 - 5 years)

  • Ceramic wheel protection offering 18+ months protection (requires Wheels Off Package)

  • GlassParencyTM Coating (windscreen/all external glass) offering 3-years protection including a 3-year warranty



  • Interior full detail inc. steaming and wet vac (seat removal at extra cost)

  • Fabric / Leather hydrophobic protection

  • Air conditioning anti-bacterial treatment

  • Engine bay detail

  • Convertible soft top detail and protection

  • Headlight Restoration

Detailing Packages

Deep Clean

Deep cleanse

New Car

Right from the start



Paint Correction

A new lease of life


Creme de la creme
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