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Something every driver should have

GlassParency is a professionally applied chemical formula for glass - far superior than a ceramic glass coating

Not only does it have exceptional micro-beading & water repelling properties, but it also creates a clearer, glare-free windscreen for a safer & more comfortable driving experience

It comes backed with a 3-year warranty and is made available to accredited installers only


Safety, Maintenance & Protection

Backed with a 3-year warranty


Repels water, snow, ice, dust, oil and dirt


Creates a resistant & easy to clean surface

Protects from hard water staining and mineral spots


Enhances optical clarity for a better, safer driving experience


Reduction in day & night glare


A more aesthetically appealing look to your vehicle's glass.


Windscreen & Full Car Treatments

GlassParency can be added on to any of our detailing packages or you can just have GlassParency applied as a stand-alone service.

This is a professionally applied product made only available to accredited installers such as ourselves.

Application is quick and easy, made even more convinient with instant curing meaning you can drive away as soon as the product is applied - whatever the weather!

To arrange installation or for more information please get in touch!

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