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New Car


2-3 Days

From £320

As much as you'd like to think, brand new cars aren't delivered in perfect condition. They have often travelled long distances on trailers, exposed to the elements and then unsafely washed. The combination of these activities causes visible, light damage and dulls the paintwork.


The packages dealers offer are often overpriced, sub-standard in quality and applied by untrained staff members. Preparation is usually non-existent, meaning the little benefit these weaker products offer isn't even utilised. Mr. Salesman's unrealistic promises such as 'scratch resistance' or exaggerated lengths of durability all contribute to a poor finish and the belief that your car is well protected.

The cleaning required in this package is not as extensive as in the Deep Clean package as it is not warranted but includes a light polish to rectify any light imperfections to your vehicle using industry leading techniques, tools and chemicals.



  • Alloy wheels (including tyres walls, inner rims and calipers) are cleaned and decontaminated

  • Wheel arches flushed and door shuts cleaned

  • The vehicle is rinsed and snow-foamed to gently loosen dirt & debris

  • Extensive, multi-stage wash takes place using pH neutral shampoo

  • Tar spots treated and iron/metallic contaminants chemically removed

  • Vehicle is rinsed and dried with a plush microfibre towel – excess/trapped water blown out with air

  • A mild finishing polish is combined with a light polishing pad to remove light imperfections in the paintwork to give a more refined finish and deeper gloss.

  • Paintwork is then cleansed with isopropyl alcohol to prepare for protection

  • Synthetic sealant / Carnauba wax applied to paintwork

  • Interior lightly hoovered and all surfaces wiped over with an interior detailing spay

  • Glass cleaned inside and out

  • Angelwax H2GO applied to front windscreen

  • Trim and tyre walls dressed (wet look or satin finish at owner’s discretion)

  • Final exterior inspection




  • Ceramic Paint Coating (various systems ranging from 1 - 5 years)

  • Ceramic wheel protection offering 18+ months protection (requires Wheels Off Package)

  • GlassParencyTM Coating (windscreen/all external glass) offering 3-years protection including a 3-year warranty



  • Interior detail (light/deep)

  • Fabric/Leather protection

  • Engine bay detail

  • Convertible soft top detail and protection

Deep Clean

Deep cleanse

New Car

Right from the start



Paint Correction

A new lease of life


Creme de la creme
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