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Paint Correction

3 - 6 Days


This level of service is tailored specifically to the extent of correction you desire and/or what is safely possible based on the vehicle's condition.

Multiple stages of machine polishing are used to remove deeper defects which can include deep scratches, etching of bird poo and other materials that have lingered on the paint as well as general UV damage and oxidation of the paintwork. 

A perfect finish is not always achievable which is why a pre-inspection of the vehicle is always necessary. For example, there may be scratches that have passed through the clear coat or paint layer which make it impossible to correct due to the need of new paint. Another consideration is the thickness of the remaining lacquer or paint where it would not be safe or beneficial to work on. The "improving not removing" motto may have to be undertaken.

NOTE: The cost of this detail is dependent on your expectations and can be priced accordingly following an inspection and conversation. 



  • The exact same process as the Deep Clean Package is undertaken on the exterior and interior

  • All plastic and rubber trim is taped up for its protection

  • Various stages of machine polishing is undertaken, first to cut the imperfections from the paintwork and then finally to refine and enhance the finish.

  • Paintwork is then cleansed with isopropyl alcohol to prepare for protection

  • Synthetic sealant and/or carnauba wax applied

  • The final stages of the Deep Clean Package are then applied




  • Ceramic Paint Coating (various systems ranging from 1 - 5 years)

  • Ceramic wheel protection offering 18+ months protection (requires Wheels Off Package)

  • GlassParencyTM Coating (windscreen/all external glass) offering 3-years protection including a 3-year warranty



  • Interior full detail inc. steaming and wet vac (seat removal at extra cost)

  • Fabric / Leather hydrophobic protection

  • Air conditioning anti-bacterial treatment

  • Engine bay detail

  • Convertible soft top detail and protection

  • Headlight Restoration

Detailing Packages

Deep Clean

Deep cleanse

New Car

Right from the start



Paint Correction

A new lease of life


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