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Perfection Detail

7+ Days


La crème de la crème of the detailing services on offer. This encompasses a complete paint correction, deep interior detail and surface protection, engine bay detail and the ceramic coating of all exterior surfaces including paintwork, glass, plastic and chrome trim and alloy wheels for an outstanding finish and long lasting protection of all aspects of your vehicle. 

In preparation for the perfection detail, your vehicle will go through an extensive examination to identify all problem areas which are then discussed with you before work begins to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

No stone is left unturned in this process and the end result is a dream come true for you and your vehicle. All optional extras are included.



  • Alloy wheels are removed for cleaning and decontamination ready for ceramic coating inside and out.

  • Wheel arches, springs and calipers are deep cleaned and decontaminated

  • Engine bay is degreased and steam cleaned, ready for ceramic coating

  • The vehicle is rinsed and snow-foamed to gently loosen dirt & debris

  • Extensive, multi-stage wash takes place using pH neutral shampoo

  • Tar spots treated and iron/metallic contaminants chemically removed

  • Clay bar treatment removes any remaining contaminants to leave a smooth finish

  • Vehicle is washed once more and dried with a plush microfibre towel – excess/trapped water blown out with air

  • All trim and rubbers and taped off for protection

  • Random, isolated paint defects are identified, measured and marked

  • Deeper paint defects are wet sanded prior to machining ("improving not removing" motto may apply)

  • Multiple stages of machine polishing to remove heavy defects and enhance finish to as close to a factory finish as safely possible

  • Paintwork is then cleansed with isopropyl alcohol and inspected

  • All badges, grills and metal/chrome details are hand polished and ceramic coated (new badges can be ordered for replacement at request)

  • Final stage of machine polishing undertaken to refine the paintwork to a high-gloss finish

  • All glass is machine polished with cerium oxide before all exterior glass is cleaned

  • GlassParencyTM Coating is applied to all glass with its 3-year warranty

  • Paintwork is then re-cleansed with isopropyl alcohol to prepare for protection

  • The highest level of ceramic protection is applied to the paint

  • All exterior plastic trim is ceramic coated including any plastic within the engine bay

  • Tyres are dressed and alloys ceramic coated offering 18+ months protection

  • Interior is vacuumed, steam cleaned and wet vacuumed throughout

  • All leather is ceramic coated and fabric protected

  • Final exterior inspection

Detailing Packages

Deep Clean

Deep cleanse

New Car

Right from the start



Paint Correction

A new lease of life


Creme de la creme
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