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Assessing The Paint

As desperate as I was to get the car out on the road, I had to tame myself and focus on the next major task – the paint! This would be an ‘in-between jobs’ project, spending a bit of time on it every now and then when free time revealed itself. I pulled a couple of screen captures from a walk-around video I did before kicking off which I did in the dark - the paint was effectively pink.

The paint condition wasn’t great but this was balanced out by the solid, rust free body – can’t always have everything! Fortunately, as a detailer, this makes an interesting project for several reasons. Not only could I be a bit more aggressive in the initial cleaning stages but I would be able to have some awesome 50/50 shots…assuming I could remember to actually take some pictures - it’s not my forte. I find myself getting lost in the work and focus of it all and not getting the phone out to keep a record of progress. Maybe this one will be different . . .


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