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Brake time

In preparation for the first, the brakes had to be unseized (naturally) so the car was put onto stands, wheels off and the calipers opened up. We bled the whole system through with fresh brake fluid and replaced the pins and clips. None of the calipers showed any problems or further signs of sticking after being refreshed.

While the wheels were off and the car was on stands, I took the opportunity to give the wheels a deep clean - they were absolutely vile (on the inside). Unfortunately, the grime had sat in the wells for so long that it had eaten through the paint in the wheel wells and badly tarnished it so there was only so much I could improve them. They still came out a million times better, but ultimately a wheel refurb was in order for the whole set.

I also cleaned out inside of the arches removing years and layers of baked on mud and dirt that the wheels had been flicking up. Something that only I’ll appreciate as no-one else will notice!


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