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Cutting The Paint

A lot of the initial oxidisation was removed in a short space of time which meant I could move onto the cutting stage. I am a massive lover of microfibre pads purely for their speed of cut and not flinging product and dust everywhere (even more important when you have other cars stored in the same area).

Regardless, I used the bonnet as my test area with some different pad combinations to assess how the paint responded to the pads and liquids and eventually finished the bonnet to the level of correction and depth/gloss I was happy with.

I then proceeded to move around the rest of the car, just focusing on the cutting stage, panel by panel. Occasionally I would remember to take progress shots or stick a wad of tape across a panel show I could have a interesting 50/50 shot to gloat with. Here's a selection of a couple of shots I remembered to take:


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