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Finishing & Protecting

The cutting stage left finer marks and a lack of clarity to the finish (more noticeable after wiping with my IPA solution) which was remedied with a softer pad and finer polish. This final stage really made the red pop and added a gloss that the car probably hadn’t seen in years (if ever!).

Were there still defects? Yes. Could some areas be corrected further? Yes. Would this be necessary? Absolutely not. The level of correction I achieved was safe and provided enough of an improvement for me to be content with.

So the final step was to add a layer of protection. Wax, seal or coat? I opted for the middle option – a ceramic based sealant offering 9-months durability. Car was prepped by being blown with compressed air and wiped with a home-made IPA solution. I didn’t think the car was nice enough to warrant a coating and considering it would be garaged and driven only on the occasional, sunny weekend, it wouldn’t need extensive protection – especially if I’m happy to keep on top of maintenance. The sealant was easy to apply and provided a lovely, additional gloss plus it can be topped with a wax for additional protection and an enhanced wet-look. Really happy with the final look and it’s now something I’d be happy to be seen in!

Final pictures coming soon...


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