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Interior Detailing

The interior was in great condition down to the infrequent use and being garaged. I had initially given it a quick hoover when it first arrived, just to clear the dust and dirt but now it was time to give the whole interior a light detail. The steering wheel had some ingrained dirty which was easily solved with a light APC and brush. The leather seats were split into sections and tackled with a Gyeon Leather cleaner. Although it’s the stronger of my leather cleaners (and probably didn’t warrant it) I didn’t think there was any harm in tackling the seats with this purely down to how long they’ve probably lasted without a proper clean. Always important to scoop up the liquid left after working in leather cleaner ASAP so it doesn't get a chance to dry back into the skin.

Gyeon Leather on the seats

The rest of the vinyl trim was hit with an ultra soft brush and vinyl cleaner and then wiped down. Glass was then cleaned in and out and metal trim polished with Autosol, a low-pile microfibre and a A LOT of elbow grease. I was lacking in the picture-taking department today.

Dirty door, easily sorted with a gentle approach

Passenger door refreshed


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