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Original Ti Badges

There was no way we we were going to paint around the Ti badges during the respray but there was no way of taking them off and getting them back on without distoring the quality or shape. These badges are as rare as hen's teeth and we took a risk, hoping that we'd be able to source another pair of originals.

Original Ti badge on first viewing

I began emailing various parts specialists, posting on forums and ringing shops around europe in the hope of someone having the original badges. I did find a few remaining sets of replicas that were made using the same colour and textured material by Alfasud enthusiasts but I was determined to find a set of originals.

After about 4 months of searching, an eBay search result pinged on my phone - one badge. It was an original NOS sticker and I instantly paid for it and had it delivered from Italy. One down, one to go. Although my search was half complete, it was now slightly more difficult because I had to find one for the other side of the car as the badges were angled and side specific.

Another 3 months later one surfaced in the UK midlands, for the correct side too. Now I had a matching pair of original stickers and had to carefully place them on the car. Fortunately I had taken loads of pictures of the original placement and measured the distance from various edges to make sure I had it in the same position as it was previously.

New, original Alfasud Ti badges finally located and installed!


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