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  • Matteo - Bragoli Cars

First Impressions

We​ took on the car as a non-runner but it had been regularly maintained when it was in use. After sitting for 12 years without being started, we assumed it wouldn't be anything too serious so took a gamble with it. The paint had lost a lot of its depth and colour but a quick spot check with a MF cloth and some compound revealed it was single stage so could quite easily be improved without the need for a respray.

Once we were able to inspect the car properly, we quickly discovered that the twin 40 Solex's were seized - the reason for the engine not firing. The engine was compression tested and found to be spot on across all four cylinders, holding compression without any leaks in whole system. So it was time for the air box and carbs off to come off to for unseizing and rebuilding.

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